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How to get there and how to make the most of your show. Our partners

How to make the most of your trade show

To make your involvement a success, your investment before, during and after the show is key. It is important that you clearly define what needs to be done – when, and by whom - so that it is effective.

Define your goals for the show

  • Meeting new clients and prospects
  • Displaying new products and improving your image
  • Overseeing the market and the competition

Meet your visitors’ expectations

  • Discovering new products
  • Making contact and strengthening relations with new and existing business partners
  • Getting precise information before investing or placing an order

Develop your business strategy

  • Direct your involvement and run your stand according to your marketing/commercial goals (sales, products launches…)
  • Choose partnerships and communication tools that will help you strengthen your presence

Fix your exhibition budget

  • Compare the installation and decorating costs with those of a fully-equipped stand
  • Think of your return on investment
  • Quantify the number of clients to meet

Prepare your PR

  • Before: Let people know about your involvement at the show, contact the press, invite new clients and prospects, plan events (press conferences, receptions…)
  • During : Organise, run and bring your stand to life
  • After: Keep in touch with your contacts and thank them, confirm orders, chase up missing guests

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